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Current Transformer

Smart meter is the trend and the current transformer is the heart of the smart meter. YUANXSIN develope and manufacture the high accuracy current transformers for electronic type Energy Meter since 2008. YUANXSIN has been serving the major OEM's in Asia, Europe and USA for many years, we are working closely with the leading R&D teams to meet the various demand. We are the professional vendors in Taiwan who are able to provide accuracy with competitive price of high quality current transformer.

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Current Transformer

Yuan Xsin is specialized in design and production for Current Transformer of the Energy Meter and Instruments.

Current Conductor

Yuan Xsin is the professional manufacturer to produce and develop many kinds of current conductor.

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Dome Conductor for Automotive

According to the customer requirement, YX may use various mechnical process to manufacture the parts
which include the swaging, punching, welding method to form the product.

Stamping Parts

YUAN XSIN have various Punch Press Machine and specializes in designing and manufacturing all kinds of stamping parts for various applications.

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Metal Caps

Metal Caps with the E-Coating 

Components for Meters

Shaft, Gear, Plate, Bearing, Terminal

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Worm Shaft

Shafts with Worm Gear mad by the Aluminum.

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Bearing assembling with pivot by Die Casting

Machining Parts

The Terminal for IEC Power Meter

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Current Terminal

Current Terminal for IEC Meter